Shin Splint Gel Packs
Shin Splint Gel Packs
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Shin Splint Gel Packs

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Shin splints are caused by repeated stress and impact to the shinbone and connective tissues, which cause pain and swelling in the area. Often, they heal on their own with proper rest and recovery. The Shin Splint Ice Packs are a great way to minimize pain and swelling, helping to reduce time spent off your feet. They can be heated or frozen based on your needs.

Specifically designed to strap to your lower legs to deliver instant pain relief on the go. Cold therapy is highly beneficial to reduce swelling when used immediately after training or a sudden injury. Icing controls inflammation by constricting the blood vessels to restrict blood flow, while heat relaxes tense muscles by dilating vessels. Switching between the two methods can promote even deeper muscle relaxation and faster recovery!

Limit any hot or cold compresses to 15-20 minutes as recommended by professionals. Use a towel or clothing barrier to protect against frostbite and burns.

Comes in a pack of 2.


Nylon, Polyester, Velcro, Liquid Gel


  • Stays flexible when frozen
  • Hands-free, versatile coverage
  • Can be heated in the microwave or boiling water
  • Leak-proof and latex-free


One size fits all, elastic bands

Care Guide:

  • Spot clean with a sponge as needed
  • Do not apply over open wounds
  • Dispose of if damaged or worn out
  • Keep out of direct sunlight & heat
  • Microwave: heat packs for 20 seconds and test temperature. Heat in intervals of 10 seconds until the desired temperature is reached.
  • Boiling: heat water in a pot. Submerge packs for 3-5 minutes, and test temperature before use.