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Shin Splint Gel Pack


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BODYPROX Shin Splint Ice Packs

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (shin splints) are a pain to deal with and can interrupt your training schedule. Shin splints can occur whether you’re a new runner or an athletic pro who just increased the intensity of their routine. Several other causes lead to shin splints: flat feet, poorly fitting shoes that don’t provide support, working out without warming up or cooling down, or even weak ankles, hips, or core.


Shin splints are caused by repeated stress and impact to the shinbone and connective tissues, which cause pain and swelling in the area. Often, they heal on their own with proper rest and recovery. The BODYPROX Shin Splint Ice Packs are a great way to minimize pain and swelling, helping to reduce time spent off your feet!


Specifically designed to strap to your lower legs to deliver instant pain relief on to go! No need to sit and hold the packs in place while icing. Cold therapy is highly beneficial to reduce swelling when used immediately after training or a sudden injury. Icing controls inflammation by constricting the blood vessels to restrict blood flow while numbing the area to provide pain relief. Our premium gel stays soft when frozen to form to your leg, providing the ultimate relief for every ache.



Hot & Cold Therapeutic Benefits

The BODYPROX Shin Splint Ice Packs can also be heated! Heat therapy can be used intermittently with cold therapy to deliver even more therapeutic relief, especially for exercise-induced muscle pain. Switching between the two methods can promote even deeper muscle relaxation to promote faster recovery!



The ice packs have two elasticized bands with Velcro straps to customize your fit; one size fits most. Leak-free and latex-free! Specially designed to fit the natural shape of your lower leg, the ice packs are wider on top and narrow on the bottom.

The BODYPROX Shin Splint Ice Packs can also be used on your forearms when experiencing chronic swelling pain from carpal tunnel, Golfer’s, and Tennis Elbow!



It’s important to limit any hot or cold compresses to 15-20 minutes as recommended by professionals.



• One pair of shin splint ice pack