About Us

Aches and pains do not define you. They are not a sign of weakness, nor do they come from a place of failure or mistake. In fact, each strain tells a story of a life lived by you or the ones who came before you.


They don't need to be a life sentence, and they don't mean you should slow down or quit the things that make life worth living.


BODYPROX was proudly founded in 2017 with one goal in mind: to provide quality therapeutic gear to enhance and rebuild your confidence and wellbeing. Whether you're recovering from an injury, managing the effects of a previous injury, or simply looking to improve your performance and prevent an injury from happening, we’ve crafted something with you in mind.


We aim to empower and strengthen our community by providing premium therapeutic and orthopedic gear and protective apparel, all for a lesser price point. We want our quality and superior customer service to be the reason you join the BODYPROX team! We don’t believe that living with sports-related injuries or pre-existing conditions should define you or inhibit your way of life. Our goal is to help get you back on your feet! We promise to continue growing and adapting with our clients. We appreciate the uniqueness of every body and will continue to create therapeutic aids that serve every ache and pain, working towards a better tomorrow.


You ask; we listen! We at BODYPROX strive to curate products that address your needs and concerns. We’ve spent years researching our products and our top competitors, and we take each review to heart when designing our product line. Each product has been revamped and rebuilt according to your feedback, and we love to hear your voice! 

Our vision and customer service have allowed us to grow and develop our reach to markets beyond Canada and the US. We currently serve needs in the EU, UK, and Japan and hope to continue expanding worldwide.