About Us

Are you injured? Having problem in experiencing another sprain? Can’t rid of muscle pain or swelling? Well, you don’t have to worry. Let go of the “what ifs”. Explore the “what is” and experience by yourself. Bodyprox is here for you to offer you variety of products that ALLEVIATES PAIN and SPEED UP RECOVERY PERIOD. We are offering our valued consumers a one-stop buying shop through online, just simply visit our frontstore at or We guaranteed that it is a secure internet website powered by Shopify.

Your health is wealth. We, Bodyprox provide the needs of your health and fitness. We always seek your demands and creating product that supports your activities, assist your body and prevent from any circumstances. We put value to your money as we guaranteed that we bring up the best product that answers your necessity accordingly. The dynamic customer preferences are always quantified by innovative products.
We assure you that we hand you a faster and reliable customer service. Your SATISFACTION is our blood to tailor a more affordable, usable and comfortable product. Why suffer, when there are Bodyprox products that will give you the enjoyment you always want. Move like no injuries, act with no worries. Do not let that injury, sprain and muscle pain dominate and hamper your active lifestyle.

Our product is made from premium materials such as stretchable and breathable Neoprene. The air can passes through giving it comfortable and light feeling. Most products are sweat-resistant to ensure you that aside from your injury and pain we also take good care of your skin. No worries for skin irritation and other skin problem. High-density Velcro attached to every product is intended to give firmness while supporting the affected area.

Continue your healthy lifestyle. Continue to seek solution to any problem you have in your body. Bodyprox is always ready to bring and hand you the products you’re looking for. Guidelines for usage is always present to extend our care for you. As you place your order, we guarantee that we promptly process your order to deliver it on time. NO added cost or hidden charges such as duties and international shipping rates, no worries.