About Us


We are dedicated to providing personalized, world-class quality service 24/7 all the way from Canada!



Bodyprox is a brand with a variety of combined orthopedic, therapeutic products and protective sports gears carefully produced to alleviate pain and speed up the recovery period of injuries. As an advocate of sports and wellness, we understand and go through everyone’s sentiments.

We guarantee to give you the best products that aid in your body’s well-being!

Bodyprox’s most advanced compression and therapeutic products are designed for athletes, elderly, office workers, those who previously suffered from injuries or anyone who has an active lifestyle. Gears that are built rugged enough to hold up to your most extreme activities. Using therapy wraps to aid your way to relaxation and recovery due to its therapeutic benefits.

Our Mission

We guarantee to put a smile and satisfaction on our customer’s faces. And build exceptional experiences for those who suffered injuries, by giving them confidence in doing their usual activities while wearing Bodyprox.

Our History

Bodyprox products are the results of years of thorough studies and development, crafted from high-grade quality materials and still continue to work on improving them to meet the demands for quality solutions in Orthopedic and Therapeutic care. The company is focused on this work-in-progress, and studies and research for more high-quality material to develop and come up with innovative products for Orthopedic and Therapeutic solutions.