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Why is injury prevention important?

Injury prevention is to prevent or lessen the severity of body wounds, pain, and aches caused by accidents or prolonged use of muscle joints. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, accidents are the chief cause of death due to negligence.

Sports and exercise may be recognized as an effective way to keep to keep the body healthy, but these activities can also have adverse effects in the form of injury and accidents.

It’s ever important to take precautions at all times to avoid getting injured in the first place. We, at Bodyprox, offer the best gears and equipment to reduce injury.


Wear appropriate clothing and gear

If you’re working out or playing sports, wearing the correct outfit or footwear is essential to absorb the impact of shock. It also provides adequate support for your body in movement.

For example, many athletes suffer knee and ankle injuries whenever they play. They are also the ones who mostly suffer from an accident too.

Meanwhile, an office worker might suffer wrist and back pain due to sitting for so long. Or are likely to fall down the stairs. If you see, not only athletes get to suffer painful injuries.

To prevent injury, protective gears such as knee and elbow pads, shin pads, ankle support, or wrist brace may be helpful in many situations where there is a risk of impact.

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