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Migraine Relief Ice Pack Hat, Head Gel Ice Cap for Tension Headache Relief


$24.99 USD

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  • Convenient, Easy to use Migraine Ice Hat! -- The last thing you need when you’re experiencing migraines, headaches, and other head injury is trouble arranging the things you need for icing. Not anymore! Say goodbye to a time-consuming and struggle to prepare therapy pack for headaches, migraines, and other pain brought about the fever, stress, sinusitis, tension headaches and muscle aches with Bodyprox Migraine Ice Hat!
  • Safe, Natural Healing Device -- Produced to help alleviate pain following migraine and headaches without restricting what you need to do. With the hat made from lightweight fleece material, keeping the temperature of the gel pack last longer. Made custom fit assured to conform naturally around the head making it an efficient way of the natural healing process and target the pinpoints of pain.
  • Featured with Pliable Gel-based Ice Pack -- Bodyprox Migraine Ice Hat comes with four (4) gel-based, reusable headache ice packs inserts that are safe to use, enclosed in superior grade Latex-free PVC Cover - sturdy and avoids leakage. It stays flexible even when frozen and perfectly covers temples, forehead, back of the head, top of the head-- literally, every part of the head that needs cooling with the temperature remains much longer.
  • Hands-free Pain Relief! -- Experience instant and long-lasting pain, cooling relief of Bodyprox Migraine Ice Hat! Effectively help reduce discomfort because of pain generally caused by sinus headaches, tensions, fever and a lot more! Simply freeze the gel packs until the desired temperature is obtained, insert to each compartment and it’s ready to go!
  • Adjustable yet Stays in Place -- It came with firm Velcro closure to ensure comfortable and customizable fit for all head sizes. Easy to re-adjust as needed, as it excellently molds to the shape of the head making sure the cooling effect will reach deep into the head to ease pain and tension without confining you in one place!