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Flexible Large Gel Ice Pack for Shoulders, Arms, Back and Thighs. Hot & Cold Therapy Wrap


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Bodyprox Large Gel Ice Pack

Bodyprox Large Gel Ice pack is larger and heavier than most gel packs but has light, yet, heavy-duty Velcro straps to keep the pack in place. It’s a non-sedentary, hands-free ice pack perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle.

This gel pack covers your shoulders, back, hip, and knees. It is versatile and soft even when frozen, enough to perfectly mold to your body or in places where you need it. It aids different types of injuries as they arise and has elastic straps and extra extension band for better adjustment.

Easy and fast heating and freezing, you can have both hot and cold therapy in just one amazing item. It stays cold or hot for approximately 25 minutes for longer use.

Moreover, it is made with high-quality smooth fabric wrap, better insulation, leak-proof, reusable, and durable velcro straps. This gel ice pack made from durable nylon material wrap is breathable, sweat- proof, speeds up injury recovery and covers all the right places.



What Makes Us Stand Out?


High versatility

Say goodbye to sedentary recovery! With Bodyprox Large Gel Ice pack, you can stay active and mobile while healing. It comes with a soft fabric wrap, extension band, and nylon gel ice pack that are safe to use and leak proof.

Whether you are an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone with a desk job, this is the ice pack pain relief you’ve been looking for.


Versatility like no other.


The Bodyprox Large Gel Ice Pack comes with elastic strips and an extension band that lets you put it on your shoulders, back, hip, or knees without keeping hold to it. It is stretchable enough for you to get a lot of compressions and with heavy-duty Velcro, you’re assured it is sturdy and adjustable enough to hold and not slide down.

It also stays soft even when frozen and molds to the contour of your body, hitting all the areas where you needed it. This is a non-sedentary and hands-free ice pack so you can keep your life going while taking the time to heal.




Unbeatable Therapeutic Longevity

Gel ice packs stay cold/hot longer than
frozen water, peas or rice. With Bodyprox
Large Gel Ice pack, you no longer have to
deal with the unearthly smell or 5 minute-
grade of pain relief.

This Gel Ice pack lasts for approximately
25 minutes at a time, enough time to run
one cold or hot therapy session for a much
better pain relief and more effective treatment
as advised by most medical professionals.

*Remember to never put the pack directly to
your skin, always wrap with a towel before use.
Instructions indicated in the packaging*




Absolute Reusability

Tired of leaks? Looking for something
you can use for the long term? Look no
more, this is the gel ice pack you’ve been
looking for!

If you are tired of always running out of ice
packs or patching leaks on your disposable
ice packs, then the Bodyprox Large Gel Ice
Pack is what you need. This ice pack will
always come handy for after-training massage,
injury rehabilitation, or even for a
simple nap or relaxation.

This gel ice pack relieves arthritis joint
pain and stiffness, bruises, injuries or swelling.
It comes with a soft, velvety wrap that
has elastic bands and one extension strap
to help you reach the best amount of compression
according to your needs.




Undeniable Durability


  • High-quality Velcro straps
  • Leak-proof, non-toxic Nylon gel ice pack
  • Moisture-resistant wrap

Bodyprox makes MOBILITY a priority
among all its products so, we always
ensure that the velcro straps are sturdy yet
comfortable enough to help get you
around hassle-free.

Not only that, if you ever find yourself
unhappy with our product, we’re willing
to refund you back what you spent. We
are always after your satisfaction and experience with us.

Don’t hesitate to tell us what we could
have done better, though.