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Knee Brace with Stabilizers and Patella Gel Pad


$18.99 USD

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Acute or chronic knee pain is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Whether you have sustained a previous or sudden injury or are just managing the effects of daily wear and tear, the right knee brace can soothe discomfort and support the natural healing process! Our flexible spring technology offers strong support to allow you to move forward with confidence.


Our dual spring stabilizing brace offers exceptional support for damaged knees due to ACL tears, various sports-related injuries, mild osteoarthritis, and ligament problems such as PCL/MCL/LCL. It is also suitable for daily use or during high-impact sports and activities where extra protection is needed. It’s made with flexible materials that will not restrict movement, as the use of a brace that immobilizes the knee can cause the joints to weaken and cause further injury.


Durable neoprene and moisture-wicking nylon work together to provide unbeatable support to reduce stress on damaged knees. The insulating component of neoprene warms the muscles to promote blood circulation and reduce swelling. At the same time, the dual springs built into the sides will absorb pressure and impact during daily activity.


Key Features:

- Dual stabilizer springs: A flexible stabilizer spring is incorporated into the left and right sides of the stabilizing brace to absorb pressure and impact from the joint during movement. The springs are designed to flow with the joint’s natural movement and will not restrict your mobility, making it the ideal brace to wear during sports or strenuous activity.


- Bi-directional Velcro straps: We have added two velcro straps to wrap around the knee to provide extra support during use. The straps will cross above and below the knee, which will help stabilize the kneecap offering an added degree of relief.


- Open patella design with soft gel pad: Features a silicone gel pad that surrounds the patella for increased comfort and support. The gel pad will move with the contours of your knee to provide maximum stability and protection, while the open patella design will reduce pressure.


- Customized fit: Comes in two sizes with adjustable Velcro straps to give you the best fit possible. The anti-slip lining along the top will prevent the brace from slipping, providing you with uninterrupted comfort. It features a slim design that can be worn under most clothing.


BODYPROX Knee Brace with Size Stabilizers will help you get back on your feet. Don’t let knee pain stop you from doing the things you love!