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Calf Support


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Calf Support Brace


The Bodyprox Calf Support Brace is meticulously designed to provide support to the calf and shin from former injuries such as sprain, strain, medial tibial stress syndrome and more! Aids in the prevention of further injuries, and provide therapeutic compression on an already injured shin or calf sustained from athletic or occupational activities.

Our product is made of durable, heavy-duty, lightweight and flexible material that makes it the ideal calf support brace for anyone who needs help with pain management or trying to speed up injury recovery. It’s made of materials that are virtually indestructible but not too sturdy to affect your natural movement.



• VARIABLE COMPRESSION SYSTEM. The warmth of the materials used such as neoprene combined with the adjustable straps provides a heated compression.
• MEDICAL GRADE MATERIAL. Made from lightweight neoprene fabric that is soft and breathable for comfort at the same time virtually indestructible and hard-wearing.
• HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE COMPRESSION. It also provides the ability to control the amount of compression when needed which can be worn directly on the calf, over pants or a sleeve.



• One size fits most
• Shipping weight: 6.7 ounces



• One calf support brace (1/pack)
• Two calf support brace (2/pack)