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Flexible Large Gel Pack (Hot and Cold)


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Bodyprox Large Gel Pack



With Bodyprox Gel Ice Pack, you can stay active and mobile while healing. It comes with a soft fabric wrap, extension band, and nylon gel ice pack that is safe to use and LEAK PROOF.

The elastic strips and extension band lets you put it on your shoulders, back, hip, or knees without having to hold on to it. It is stretchable enough for you to get your desired compression. It also stays soft even when frozen and molds to the contour of your body, hitting all the areas where you needed it.



• Larger and heavier than most
• Coverage for your shoulder, back, hip, and knee
• Can be used for both Hot and Cold Therapy
• High-quality smooth fabric wrap, better insulation, leak-proof, reusable, and durable velcro straps


• Gel Pack: 11 inches x 14 inches
• Matching wrap: 29.5 inches & 11.8 inches
• Extension Band: 19.7 inches



• One Nylon non-toxic Gel Pack
• One Fabric Wrap
• One Extension Band