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Knee Brace with Gel Pad


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Bodyprox Knee Support with a Removable Gel Pack


Knee Support Brace with Gel Pack is devised to provide relief and ease of pain due to muscle pains, sports injuries, aching knee joints, dislocation, knee sprain, swelling and many more!

Solve any knee problems in the safest, natural and effective way. Reward yourself with support products that will allow you to continue to keep going and keep you away from the sideline.

Knee Brace with Ice Pack from Bodyprox can be used for both Cold or Hot therapeutic neoprene support wrap to provide relief and ease of pain for many types of knee pain.

Benefits of Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot Therapy
• Encourage blood flow and circulation
• Promote quicker healing and pain relief for a faster recovery
• Use a heated gel pack prior to any exercise & help the body prepare for activity
• Use it post-event to minimize aching, discomfort, and soreness

Cold Therapy
• Effective anti-inflammatory
• Reduce swelling after an injury or trauma
• Aid recovery and help combat pain
• Relieve numb and swollen knee area


• Non-slip fit

• Multi-functional, 2-in-1 (Hot & Cold) Therapeutic Benefits; Flexible even when frozen

• Fully adjustable compression

• Open patella design; targeting both the front and back of knee pain

• Breathable, lightweight, and durable

• Gel pack is freezer and microwave safe


• One size fits most

• Dimension: 6" x 8"

• Shipping weight: 1.2 lbs



• One knee support brace

• One removable gel pack