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Bodyprox Wrist Straps for Weight Lifting 2 Pack, Lifting Straps with Silicone Padded Anti-Slip Feature


$17.99 USD

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  • REINFORCED YOUR GRIPS and IMPROVE YOUR LIFTS! -- Bodyprox Weightlifting Wrist Straps are perfect exercise wrist strap support, grip assistance, wrist straps for weight lifting and brings a remarkable degree of stability and support also for pulling movements. Exceptional arsenal whether you’re a professional weightlifter, a strongman competitor, powerlifter or just a normal, beginner gym rat!
  • SUPERIOR WEIGHTLIFTING and EXERCISE WRIST STRAPS! -- Get ready to ramp up your lifting routine and increase your grip strength from progressive heavier pulls! Perfect for powerlifting, barbell, dumbell, kettle work, bench press, pull ups, hand grip exercises, kettlebell weights exercise and many more! Made from superior, heavy-duty material that guaranteed to last.
  • HOLDS FIRMLY FOR A ROUGH WORKOUT! -- Providing enough strength during a lift. These incredibly made lifting wrist straps help to reduce the grip fatigue especially highly exhausting set while maximizing the gains, minimize the risk of injury and equipment drops as it prevents slippage!
  • SLIP GRIP NO MORE! -- Tough weightlifting straps for men and women! Provided with adequate length of lifting straps and equipped with effective Hexagonal Silicon Gel enabling the user to wrap it on the equipment perfectly which provides safer weightlifting and exercise experience. Slip Grip No More! Available in a combination of Black&Yellow and Black&Pink!
  • ARMED WITH NEOPRENE WRIST PADDING -- Eases the wrist from early strains, stress, fatigue and help cut down on bruising and other ailments that can happen during the repetition of complex workouts! A heavy-duty, deadlift straps meticulously built to last, strengthened with stitching firmly across the straps to ensure they’ll never tear or fall apart! Bodyprox Weightlifting Wrist Straps is a must!