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Bodyprox Ankle Ice Pack Injuries, Hot & Cold Air Compression Ankle Brace Support


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About the product
  • The ultimate Ankle pain relief. Beneficial for those who suffers injuries and can be used at home for the treatment of all ankle injuries, such as sprained ankle, dislocated ankle, ankle arthritis, breaks, swelling, Achilles tendon injuries, ligament pulls, sore feet, talar dome lesions, osteochondral lesions, avulsion fractures, ankle arthroscopy and ankle surgery and more.
  • Advanced Compression Therapy Wrap. We designed this latest innovation of wrap with you on our mind! It is an easy to use device that combines the purpose of compression and cold therapy, all in one! Bodyprox Ankle Ice Pack Wrap has a ball pump that inflates the brace which compresses the cold pack more to stop ankle from swelling, control any pain or any injuries in your ankle.
  • Absolute fit and Stay. The One-size-fits-all brace is anatomical, easy-to-use design to completely fit and covers the whole foot and providing maximum benefit. With its uncomplicated velcro strap that can simply wrap around the ankle, it can be adjusted in every desired fitting and heal comfortably, enjoy the advantage of superior support without holding you back!
  • Longevity Cold preservation. It holds longer cold than normal gel packs in the market that barely manage to stay cold longer, our very own provides effective, less therapy time and soothing relief to manage aches and pains as it is made from high-grade temperature resistant material.
  • Highly recommended. Endorsed and nominated by Orthopedic Surgeons. In line with the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons recommendation of Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Preferred by elite Athletes and trainers who didn’t want to put up with ice all the time for it convenience and proven faster and long relief.

Product description

Struggling from pain due to post-surgery, arthritis, sore feet, sport related Sprains, Strains or Bruises, Ligament or Tendon Injuries, Retrocalcaneal Bursitis, Stress Fracture, Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia and other related ankle injuries?

Search no more, we’ve got you covered! Don't settle for common ice pack that needs frequent replacement. We proudly offer Bodyprox Ankle Ice Pack Wrap!

Main feature:

An improved and uniquely designed Cold compression therapy incorporating a gel pack covered with a frost free lining, allowing non-toxic and safe application of the wrap directly to the skin, like no other!

With its unique adjustable compression chamber design, positioned behind the cold gel pack provides a conforming compression around the covering the ankle and foot with ball pump that allows tightening the wrap even more for added squeeze without limiting your movements!

Bodyprox Ankle Ice Pack Wrap extends from above the ankle to the toes in an "L" shape. Convenient enough for everyday use as well as sturdy enough for occupational, physical or sports therapy.

After an injury blood vessels are damaged and this allows blood cells and fluid to seep into spaces around the joint, resulting in swelling and bruising. When ice is applied the temperature decreases and constricts local blood vessels, slowing metabolism and decreasing fluid build-up. Ice can also numb nerve endings, reducing the transfer of impulses to the brain that registers as pain.

●Reduces acute pain, strains, bruises and swelling
●Reduces soreness, stiffness, inflammation and relaxes muscles
●Convenient for everyday use
●Cold retains longer
●Advance air pump compression feature
●Adjustable for both feet and covers the entire foot
●Easy to use
●Durable and reusable