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Therapy Wrap

The Bodyprox Reusable Gel Ice Pack is a first aid necessity that comes handy in almost every pre and post-activity routines. It is simple to use- no wrapping up of bandages, no more heavy ice packs to carry.

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About the Product

• Includes a non-toxic gel pack (size: 4.4” x 7.5”) and a flexible compression wrap. The ice gel pack is reusable and it can be frozen or heated in a microwave.


•.Reusable Hot & Cold gel pack with adjustable straps for foot, arm, elbow, ankle, etc. A first aid essential for home, ideal for sports injuries, muscle pains, body aches and more!

•.Gel pack chills hand, wrist, or foot. Relieving soreness, aching, pain from an injury, ball-of-foot, plantar fascistic, arthritis, & carpal tunnel pain.

•.It helps to alleviate swelling and inflammation and increases blood circulation. It also lifts the plantar fascia tissue to help relieve arch and heel pain.


Customer Testimonials

Great Value

"I wrenched my ankle when walking on cobblestones in Europe.No broken bones, but the ankle swelled and made walking, pretty uncomfortable. Fortunately, it happened at the end of our holiday, and when I returned I wrote Amazon for the Therapy Wrap, which sounded like just the thing I needed. It was- as a Prime member it arrived promptly, and is very comfortably and effectively wrapped around my ankle. I can highly recommend it.”

Sancho  - 19 AUG 2018

Great Product

"I bought the gel wrap because of a chronic wrist tendonitis. (I have a background in Athletic Therapy and teach fitness). I found the wrap easy to use, comfortable. The gel pack stayed cold just long enough for each use and could be reused in a few hours. I know that some of the reviewers expressed concern that the pack only remained cold for 10-20 minutes but I think it's important to mention that exposing an injury to a prolonged cold application can in fact be counterproductive. Better to do more frequent and shorter applications in order to bring inflammation and pain under control.”

Catherine Mann -   11 DEC 2019

Don’t have to hold ice packs anymore

"Don't have to hold ice packs anymore. I really like it a lot. Use it on my ankles, feet, hands, and wrists. I'm definitely getting a couple more.”

Animefam4  - 10 FEB 2020