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Heel Cushion Insole 3 Pairs, Back Heel Pads for High Heels Blisters


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  • Definitely designed to support and protect your heels from pain, blister and callus. Suggested to place these pads every time you are wearing shoes, especially during long walk
  • It can also give you solution to wear shoes that are oversized as it gives additional fitness inside. Adjusting the length of your shoes can be possible with the help of these pads. Having a strong adhesive that absolutely keep heels from slipping out.
  • Made from light and premium fabric & silicone material that perfectly suits your comforts. Walk like a beauty queen as you wear your confidence with the shoes. Apart from your runway feeling, add these pads to your list when having a wander last adventure.
  • Apposite to any type of shoes. Colors offer are Beige and Black which gives a camouflage effect to your worn shoes without discerning diverse looks.

    Don’t endure the pain and get rid of the blisters. Bodyprox will provide you a solution to prevent pain and pressure that might experience during long walk, cushion insole/ heel pads in 3 pairs (2 Beige + 1 Black). Be comfortable with your shoes because it leads you to good places.

    These heel pads also give pain relief from any foot pain such as arch pain, flat foot, heel pain and plantar fasciitis. Say for instance, plantar fasciitis can be prevented when you have proper support of your plantar fascia. This plantar fascia is the connective tissue from the heel to the base of your toes, along the bottom of your foot. Get rid of that pain and inflammation using the heel pads that will protect you heel and align your foot properly ass you wear your best buddy, shoes.

    Keep your feet a warmth and comfortable feeling when you stand, walk and run with this pad. The pad is made from a premium material that is eco-friendly. You are about to help Mother Nature and your feet as well. What are you waiting for? Don’t let your feet suffer the pain, get blister and worst is having callus that is unappealing to your heel portion. Have the confidence to stand with proper posture wearing your stilettos. Try for yourself.