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Medium Ice Pack


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Medium Ice Pack with Strap (Hot & Cold Therapy)


The benefits of hot and cold therapy in one! The BODYPROX medium gel pack measures 15” x 6” in size and is perfect for small to medium size coverage for aches and pains. The hands-free strap allows you to sit (or stand) comfortably while you recover. Premium liquid gel stays soft while frozen to mold to your body & optimize comfort during use. Designed for the active lifestyle!

Hot and cold therapy is a widely known therapeutic technique used to control pain and inflammation after an injury (cold) and relax and loosen tense muscles where chronic pain is an issue (heat). The gel will stay flexible when frozen for optimized coverage.


When to use ice therapy:

  • Joint and muscle sprains/strains
  • Red, hot or swollen areas
  • Sudden injuries where swelling is occurring
  • Acute pain after intense exercise


When to use heat therapy:

  • Muscle pain or soreness
  • Arthritis
  • Stiff joints
  • Recurring injuries


Ice packs can be used proactively as well. Icing after strenuous exercise or after a long day of work can soothe the muscle and prevent long-term swelling and pain. It is also beneficial in situations where chronic pain occurs! Heating a bad back or knee can relax a tense muscle.


How these methods work:

Cold therapy effectively reduces swelling and relieves pain by constricting the blood vessels, decreasing circulation to the affected area. Icing immediately after an injury can help with immediate and long-term swelling and potentially speed up recovery time! It is not recommended to ice muscles before strenuous exercise.

Heat therapy stimulates circulation and dilates the blood vessels, promoting blood flow to reduce pain. Heat therapy is best used for chronic pain or to relax a spasming muscle.


Hands-free Design

Designed with an elasticized band that stretches and adjusts to fit anywhere you need it. Get instant and long-lasting relief that straps to your body so you can heal on the go. Great to use on your lower & upper back, abdomen, upper arms, and along your neck! 


Note:It is recommended to limit hot/cold therapy to 15-20 minutes at a time.