There is an old yet popular phrase that links an apple. It says that “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. We commonly heard it but why it says so? What are the health benefits of an apple that many people always include it in their daily diet?


Health benefits of Apple

Isn’t it amazing how a single apple can work in your body considering that you will buy it at a cheaper price and the benefits are more than what you paid for? The risk of developing diabetes, cancer, hypertension and heart disease will reduce if you include it in your daily diet.


Here are more benefits of eating an apple.


Boosts brainpower. The flavonoids found in apple helps to keep activated your neurons in your brain, its strong neuroprotective effects is beneficial to keep your brain cells function as it is. Eventually, the peel is the portion wherein antioxidants are abundantly nourished. So opt for an organic one!


Slows mental decline. Apple is considered as most consumed and in demand fruit in the market. Many had believed that an apple can do and contribute a lot to the wellness of the body. A powerful antioxidant, this is one of many benefits we can get out from it. This kind of antioxidant really helps to keep you from Alzheimer’s disease.


Rich in fiber. Apple is also rich in fiber that helps you to regulate your digestion and elimination. Actually, the pectin that is called to the type of fiber present in apple is more beneficial to heart health. Apple contains almost no fat, sodium or cholesterol.


Curbs cancer. However, consuming more than one apple a day can aid reduces the risk of lung cancer and colon cancer, this study is based on the Journal of Planta Medica. The antimutagenic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative are the properties that can get as you consumed more than one apple.


Combats bad cholesterol. Furthermore, bad cholesterol will reduce as the good cholesterol will ward off against it keeping you from any thrombotic effect that may lead to stroke. Since good cholesterol is dominating the body, the blood can flow all throughout the body keeping it normal circulation.


Brings healthy heart out. A healthy heart is important. As long as it pumps normally without any blood clot, there is no reason of stroke. Be healthy, eat healthily. As the Florida State University’s group of researchers claimed that apple is “a miracle fruit.”


Boosts immune system. Apples are rich in Vitamin C that can help fortify your immune system. It combats flu, viruses, or bacteria due to the body’s enhanced resistance against infectious radicals. They also contain minerals like calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.


Ways to Enjoy an Apple

Innovation has something to do to add more value. Like apple, there are ways to make it more appetizing. You can pair the apple to some of the foods and veggies to make it healthier and tastier.


Let me give you some idea on how you are going to prepare snacks or meal with the powerful fruit, a miracle fruit, APPLE. So, the next time you will have your groceries in the supermarket do not forget the ingredients to be added to your cart. Taste it for yourself.


Chicken Apple Salad

In this recipe, you will prepare the usual chicken salad you make. What adds to this salad is the apple that you sliced into a thinner portion, lengthwise or crosswise (depend on how your creativity plays). You are not just generating protein but fiber as well. It is perfect for your daily diet.


Apple Cereal Smoothie

This kind of preparation is good for your breakfast. The usual cereal you prepare in the morning for your breakfast will add some twist. Smoothen your cereal, that can be swallowed easily. Add a small size of an apple sliced by fours. The apple will then be the hard portion that gives you more satisfying feeling.


Apple Pie

Partner your apple into your carbs. Apple can then be a filling to your pie to add more taste. You can add also vanilla to the mixture to add some aroma and the taste of vanilla will blend to the apple.


Nutella in an Apple

This is perfect for your snacks. Your all-time fave Nutella is present for this preparation. Simply slice the apple by fours or six (add some shape to be more appealing) then you can the Nutella as toppings or put it at the center of the plate for you to dip your apple. You can enjoy having the two in one preparation. Level up your way to eat a whole apple with your Nutella.


Apple Jam

Prepare some foods where you add this jam. You can have sandwich apple jam wherein you put a sliced apple in between your bread and filled with apple jam. The snacks will then be more palatable. The sweet taste of an apple will be emphasized as you added the jam.