Being proactive in the outdoors can sometimes get you into unexpected injuries and accidents. That’s why, you need to be careful when taking part in sports or recreational activities like dancing, camping, horseback riding, and more.


Here are simple tips for preventing injuries during outdoors.


Do stretching and warm-up exercises.

To prevent muscle tears and strains, always do warm-up exercises. A sudden pull of your muscles will lead to a sharp and painful tingle in your joints. Even if you’re just brisk walking, always remember to stretch for at least 15 minutes.

Don’t jump into an activity all of a sudden.

If you haven’t been active lately, work yourself into longer and more powerful exercises to keep you in shape. If the activity is a bit strenuous, then you can avoid doing it, and opt for something more you can do.

Eat healthily.

Before an activity, remember to take a proper diet. This is to ensure that you’ve consumed essential nutrients to keep you healthy and energize all through the day. Not only that, but it will also make you sharper and focus on finishing the task at hand.

Wear the proper attire and gear.

They say prevention is better than a cure. Therefore, you need to buy and wear the correct attire for the occasion. You will also need body protection products like the ones we at Bodyprox are promoting. Some of these are knee pads, arm support, wraps, and more. See our product lineups for more examples.

Listen to your body.

If you feel nauseous and sick all of a sudden – stop. Your body will give you signals to let you know that you need rest and recovery. Have enough rest and sleep after feeling so tired and worn out for long.


Common injuries when outdoors


Walking, running, or biking - these activities get you moving. However, injuries can happen anytime especially if you’re not prepared for it. Below are some common injuries you can find in the outdoors.


Wounds and infections. Anything can happen in the outdoors – bruises, cuts, scrapes, and punctures that will lead to wounds. Always bring a first aid kit to treat it from getting an infection.


To prevent it from happening, always make sure you’re wearing the proper attire and gear for the outdoors. Strap some protective wraps, pads, and support braces in your body as well.


Knee and ankle injuries. Planning to brisk walk, jog, or hike? Be it known that knee and ankle injuries are one of the most common problems in the outdoors. Remember to stop and call for help if you can. In the meantime, you can rest, ice, compress, and elevate the injured area.

Muscle sprain. A sudden pull or twist of your muscles and ligaments will sprain your ankles and joints. Apply ice and compression to the injury. Make sure you rest and lie down with elevated feet.

Plantar fasciitis. A sudden increase in activity leads to heel pain, specifically plantar fasciitis. It comprises inflammation within a band of tissues across the bottom of the foot, connecting your heel bone to the toes.


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