Perhaps, the first thing that pops into your mind when you plan to lose weight is going to the gym. What if we’ll tell you that you can still shed some pounds without going there?


Not all people who want to lose weight have time to go to the gym. Besides, it also sounds expensive. Many health professionals advise people to have proper diet and exercise.


Those two words are proven to result in losing and maintaining weight without going to the gym. Based on studies, changes in your daily diet have more effect on weight loss than having physical activity.


Some alternatives bring more effective outcomes without thinking of crunching your way to the gym.


Here are simple ways to lose weight without exercise


Eat healthy breakfasts that are rich in protein and fiber.

When you prepare breakfast, make sure you include high protein and fiber foods on your plate. Veggies, fruits, whole grains, and legumes are recommended for its fiber contents. Meanwhile, Greek yogurt, egg, fish, and seafood are ideal for your protein consumption.


These foods contribute a much longer full feeling. Your craving will then decrease during the day as it gives you satisfaction in your tummy and body as a whole. Aside from its longer satisfaction, it also helps your bowel movements that help prevent constipation. It also prevents colon cancer and rectal cancer.


Mind your snacks

It is not advisable to have snacks at midnight. Always plan on when to have healthy snacks that help you lose weight. Losing weight doesn’t mean you don’t have to eat. It’s a big misconception.


Do not deprive yourself of food. Just make sure to have a proper diet and remember to mind your proportions. Always remember what you eat and how much you consumed. Don’t eat snacks while watching TV or doing something that distracts your mind.


Drink calorie-free beverages

This kind of beverage will trigger your cravings for more food because you are not able to feel full or satiated. Ditch the drink and opt for sugar-free beverages instead.


To lose weight, drink apple cider vinegar in the morning two hours before breakfast. You’ll feel fuller and satisfied that way. Also, consume at least eight glasses of water or more to stay hydrated and lose toxins from your body.


Go to bed

Sleep is essential for your health. The lack of sleep will have your hunger hormones gone erratic – increasing your cravings and food intake the next day. Also, studies show that your metabolism will become slower as well.


Aim to sleep around seven to nine hours in a night. That’s the ideal number of rest for healthy adults. To help you settle down at night, avoid using smartphones or laptops 30 minutes before going to bed.


Clean the house

Research shows that 75% of diet and 25% of exercise are recommended for weight loss. A simple activity that gets your sweat out is considered as a form of exercise because you are already burning your fats.


It’s not necessary to exercise at the gym. Cleaning the house, dancing in front of the TV, or gardening is more helpful.