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A groin strain occurs when too many muscles in the groin and thigh region are pulled, used, and stressed. When they are tensed forcedly to move abruptly, it can cause tear, pain, and swelling.   Athletes are prone to having groin strain or pull due to their active movement and rapid use of the muscles in the field. They are often advised to do some stretching exercise before every start of any activity. It helps prepare muscles to do the...
A groin strain, or sometimes called as a groin pull, results from putting too much stress on muscles in your crotch and thigh. If these tissues are tensed too vigorously or too suddenly, they might get over-stretched and torn. This muscular tear or rupture is very common to athletes or people who play sports that require leg movement. Games that demand running and jumping such as ice hockey, soccer, fencing, and football, have the highest risk of going strain.  ...
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