A groin strain occurs when too many muscles in the groin and thigh region are pulled, used, and stressed. When they are tensed forcedly to move abruptly, it can cause tear, pain, and swelling.


Athletes are prone to having groin strain or pull due to their active movement and rapid use of the muscles in the field. They are often advised to do some stretching exercise before every start of any activity. It helps prepare muscles to do the action.


Here’s everything you know on how to treat a groin strain the Bodyprox way.


But, first –


How does it feel like?

There’s tenderness and a snapping feeling when you raise or bring your legs together. This pain can be divided into categories depending on its severity.


Mild pain

This is the first degree of severity. It is usually characterized by a small, burning pain in the groin region. There’s also little loss of strength and movement of your legs.


Moderate pain

The second degree of severity comprises moderate pain and strength loss because of tissue damage.


Severe pain

There’s a complete muscle tear in the groin region which results in sharp pain. The severity also causes loss of strength and functions in the meantime.


However, there are ways to ease groin strain or pull. Once you feel that there is something painful factor below your hips down to legs, it gives you a warning sign. In times of this feeling, you are advised to stop, sit down and relax your legs.


How to treat a groin strain?

To speed up healing, treatment to groin strain requires rest, medication, and gradual return to exercise. Those suffering from severe pull might need medical attention.


  1. Apply ice to the area. As soon as you feel the pain, apply ice to reduce swelling. The cold will also stop the tear from internal bleeding and bruise. Apply ice every two to three hours for 30 minutes. Continue applying the ice pack on your injury for a few days until the pain is gone.


Don’t apply ice directly to the skin. Use an icepack with heavy-duty Velcro straps that compresses nicely on your thighs – just like Bodyprox’s flexible large icepack!


  1. Compress the injured area. Compression helps stabilize the muscles and reduce swelling. There are body protection products in the market, like our star-studded Bodyprox Groin Wrap, to help brace the groin region without being too tight.


The support covers the thigh and groin region, including the hips, hamstrings, and sciatic nerve pain.


  1. Take a rest. Evaluate your pain and assess whether how many rest days are you going to take. Mild to moderate groin strain would need two weeks of rest, while severe ones would take about a month.


If you’re lying down, you need to elevate the area above your hip level. This is to prevent swelling and encourage blood flow in the body.


  1. Take medication. There are painkillers in your local pharmacy’s over-the-head-counter that you can take. However, it’s best if you can consult first with your doctor.


Remember, these are anti-inflammatory medications that reduce swelling. Always follow instructions on the label.


  1. Severe encounters – seek medical help. A painful ache which seems a little bit dull may indicate a hernia. A hernia occurs when an organ pushes out or through a weak muscle. Seek professional help from a doctor.


  1. Gradual exercise. After resting for so long, your muscles and joints will feel lethargic. That’s normal. But try moving sometimes and get your limbs working out again. However, only do small movements at first to avoid making your sprain and injury worse.


What we offer

Bodyprox offers body protection products to alleviate pain and speed up the recovery process. We proudly give you a gear that helps you prevent, ease, and avoid groin injury - the Bodyprox Groin Wrap.


This wrapping element supports your hips down to your groins, hamstring, thigh and sciatic nerve. Moreover, this gear is not just a groin wrap. It is a multifunction wrapping gear it can be used as groin support for running, muscle brace, and groin and thigh support.


The gear also offers a fit and firm compression that helps heal the groin region, increase blood circulation, and maintain heat to cure the pain.


As the common advice said that, “prevention is better than cure.” As early as possible, prevent enduring groin strain with this support brace that’s light and comfortable to wear. It has a high-density Velcro and the Neoprene material that able air to pass through.


Speed up the recovery time and lessen your pain. Why suffer when there’s a groin wrap?


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